Tree wedding puzzle by Bella Puzzles

What is a puzzle guest book?

a first class guest book alternative

a personalized piece of art

entertainment for your guest

an heirloom

a puzzle

      This version of the guest book is more than a book. When you have a Bella Puzzle for your wedding guest book, your guests will be entertained by it, you can frame it for display in your home, or you can keep it in the box and assemble it every year on your anniversary. My puzzle guest books are also made to last for generations – your kids or grandkids might play with your puzzle someday. You can’t say any of these things about a traditional guest book, no matter how lovely its covering.

Signed pieces of wedding puzzle by Bella PuzzlesI promise guests will actually sign a puzzle guest book – because it is fun. They’ll linger over it, leaving messages as well as signatures. The novelty and surprise of seeing such an unusual guest book will have them telling one another, “Hey! Did you see the puzzle guest book? It’s amazing. You have to go sign it!” I’ve heard stories of guests playfully arguing over which pieces they were going to sign.

Guests will remember your puzzle guest book long after the event. Months after the wedding, they’ll still be talking about your dress and they’ll still be talking about your puzzle.   Personalized pieces (names, heart) in wedding puzzle by Bella Puzzles

The puzzle guest book I make for you isn’t going to look like the puzzle I’ve made for anyone else. Every puzzle is custom made with my own two hands, and personalized with your names, your initials, your wedding date, or your photo. You even have the option of adding some shaped pieces. Pick a shape that means something to you, and chances are good I can turn that into a puzzle piece. Did you meet your sweetie in Michigan? I’ll make a puzzle piece shaped like Michigan. Are you both musicians? Let’s do some puzzle pieces shaped like musical notes or musical instruments. So many possibilities!

Your puzzle guest book is a first class alternative to the traditional guest book. The materials and designs are top quality, and I treat every customer like royalty. I believe if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. You don’t have to take my word for it, though; read the reviews from past clients.   Remember, every one of my puzzle guest books is a first class guest book alternative, an entertainment for your guests, a piece of art, an heirloom, and a puzzle.

Your wedding dress wishes it was so versatile. Got a question? Can’t wait to order? Let’s start talking about your puzzle guest book. Or better yet, start shopping! I look forward to working with you.   All my best, Lara Braithwaite  |   BELLA PUZZLES, LLC Limited number of puzzles created each month. Demand is high.

Today’s orders arrive by MARCH 13 (U.S.), by MARCH 20 (Int’l).  (Rush orders are sometimes accepted. A rush fee will apply. Please contact Lara to inquire.)